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Stop It Goaltending offers private goalie training at five locations in Massachusetts. We have been offering private lessons since 1999, providing an excellent way to maximize your potential. Our “Block Training” method has produced some of the top goalies in the state, many of them going on to play college and professionally. We welcome new and returning participants and are excited to work with motivated goalies of all levels. Please use our online application to register or you may also call our Director of Private Lessons, Katie Burt, directly at (781) 376-9000.


Small Group Lessons vs One on One Private Lessons

Small Group Lessons include one instructor and two shooters for up to four goalies and the cost is $70 per lesson and $560 for the full eight-week session. One on One Private Lessons consist of one goalie and one coach and are scheduled directly through the SIG Director of Private Lessons at a cost of $125 per lessons. 95% of our clientele opt for the Small Group Lessons.

Goalies may REGISTER ONLINE or by calling Katie Burt at (781) 376-9000. Stop It Goaltending also provides youth hockey organizations group rates to train at one of our development centers. Please scroll down to view all of our Stop It Goaltending Development Centers across Massachusetts.

What do the goalies receive for instruction?

In private goalie lessons, goalies will receive instruction on the most progressive save techniques with a focus on building solid fundamentals through muscle memory and positive reinforcement. Our method of teaching is what we call “Block Training” which is based on directed practice and repetition.

Each block consists of 8 skill concentrations that, if repeatedly practiced, produces remarkable results. Lessons are conducted once per week for eight weeks and have a distinct lesson plan. The day and time of the lessons remain constant throughout the eight-week sessions. Lessons include one instructor and two shooters for up to four goalies.

How to Schedule

In order to schedule private lessons, please create/navigate to your DASH account and select a date and time based on availability and level. You will be required to make a $100 deposit with the balance due the day of the first lesson. The eight-week sessions will be listed in advance of the start date. Week-by-week “Walk On” slots will not be listed until after the eight-week program has begun at a cost of $85 per lesson.

By reviewing our Lessons Schedule you will be able to schedule your own dates, times, and location. The cost of the eight-week session for goalies is $560 ($70 per lesson). Please use our online application to REGISTER or you may also call our Director of Private Lessons, Katie Burt, directly at (781) 376-9000.


$560/ 8 weeks
  • One Instructor
  • Two Shooters
  • Four Goalies


$125/ Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • One Shooter
  • One Goalie


$85/ Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Two Shooters
  • Four Goalies



Stop It Goaltending provides summer training opportunities for goalies of all levels and abilities. We offer eight-week training programs, a week-long prospects event, full-day training weeks, half-day training weeks, as well as private lessons.


The eight-week programs consist of the PGD and DNHL programs. We also offer the GCG Prospects Event, which is an elite camp for Pro, College, Junior, and High School goalies. For a more personal one-week training experience, we also offer the Complete Goaltender Weeks at Merrimack College. Half-day training weeks come in the form of the AAA Youth, Bantam, and High School four-day programs at all of our locations.


The GCG Prospects Event is held at the New England Sports Center in Marlboro, MA. Eight-week programs, four-day programs, and private lessons are held at all of our locations which include North Andover, Woburn, Foxboro, Middleton, Marlboro, and Springfield, Massachusetts. For more information please see the program description below or call (781) 376-9000.




PW | BTM | HS | JR | College | Pro

Two demanding 80 minute weekly on-ice sessions on full ice sheets over eight weeks.

$592 / $800



The PAD, located in Woburn, MA, is excited to offer the PAD Pass for dedicated athletes this summer. This includes the G-Labs Read and React program, Eye on Performance vision training, yoga by The Athletes Yoga, and strength and conditioning training by Ufit.



BTM | HS |Jr

Two demanding 80 minute weekly on-ice sessions at goaltending specific development centers over eight weeks.



Birth Year

07′ – 12′ 

Goalies will be challenged with progressive
techniques and drills plus off-ice training.


Birth Year

05′ – 07′

Goalies will be challenged with on-ice progressive techniques and drills plus off-ice training.


Birth Year

02′ – 06′ 

Progressive techniques and drills on-ice, plus speed, quickness, agility, strength and conditioning off-ice.




HS | Jr | College | Pro

Two on-ice workouts daily, off-ice training, video and classroom sessions for goaltenders looking for a small group experience and intense system and strategy development.





This summer Stop It Goaltending will be offering powerskating every Monday through Thursday morning at Merrimack College for high school and older goalies.



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