Stop It Goaltending U has created the most comprehensive combination of resources, support, services, and community ever offered to provide you with everything you need to pursue your goals.

As a Goalie, Goalie Parent or Goalie Coach you have committed yourself to the position of goaltender and the sport of hockey. Now it’s time to have access to the resources, support, services and community that match your vision and drive.

  1. Resources: Goaltending Specific Video Courses
  2. Support: Group and Individual Workshops
  3. Services: Personal Video Game Reports
  4. Community: Connect with the Goaltending Community


Stop It Goaltending U offers four membership levels.

  • Base Membership ($9.95 monthly)
  • Premium Membership ($19.95 monthly)
  • Premium Plus Membership ($39.95 monthly)
  • SIG Advising Membership ($99.95 monthly)

Stop It Goaltending U Membership ($9.95 Monthly)

Get the resources you need to grow your knowledge of the position.

  • Daily Primers
    Daily Primers are one-minute videos that work on the mental part of your game. Start the day in the right mindset and grow your passion and resiliency.
  • Goalie 101
    Goalie 101 are 10-minute videos that take a popular SoMe drill and break it down to the why and how the drill should be performed.
  • Goalie Tips
    Goalie tips are videos created by active Stop It Goaltending U goalies that share the nuances of the position.
  • Goalie IQ
    Whether it’s reading a play or reading a release you will study the patterns and decisions that go into how elite goalies process the game.
  • Making Goalies Series
    Get a behind the scenes look inside of how a goalie is developed access to the Netflix style series “Making a Goalie”.
  • Goalie Video Glossary
    Stop It Goaltending U has created a video library of goalie terminology and expressions that will help you better understand the terms used in our courses.
  • Ask Coach
    Stop It Goaltending U members also have access to get their goalie specific question answered by using the Ask Coach feature. Simply email a question to and receive a response within 48 hours.

Stop It Goaltending U Premium Membership ($19.95 Monthly)

Take your learning to a new level with three premium goaltending specific courses plus access to the extended version of the series “Making Goalies”. 

  • The Goalie Playbook
    The Goalies Playbook unveils to SIG U members the playbook of today’s most successful goalies which will allow all goalies, coaches and goalie parents learn how to put a plan together and execute.
  • Goalie Systems
    Each month SIG U will do a deep dive into systems such as Breakaways, Net Drives and Puck Play broken down into digestible modules.
  • Goalie Extra
    Developing as a goalie is as much about what can be done on the ice as off the ice. This course offers a detailed explanation of the game and concepts surrounding development.
  • Making Goalies Premium
    Get a behind the scenes look inside of how a goalie is developed with exclusive full-length access to the Netflix style series “Making Goalies”.
  • U Hotline
    Stop It Goaltending U premium members also have the ability to schedule a time to speak with our coaching director to discuss any goalie specific questions or issues in real time. Simply click the U Hotline link and reserve a time the fits your schedule.

Stop It Goaltending U Premium Plus Membership ($39.95 Monthly)

The Premium Plus Membership includes all the premium features plus a weekly group coach mentoring virtual session.

  • Goalie Groups
  • Goalie Parent Group
  • Goalie Coaches Group

Stop It Goaltending U Advising Membership ($99.95 Monthly)

The Premium Plus Membership includes all the premium plus features, as well as monthly 1-on-1 calls with your advisor.


Video Game Reports

Receiving game feedback is critical for a goalie’s development. Stop It Goaltending you gives goalies the feedback they need through single or multi game packages. There is also an opportunity to select a specific coach and receive a virtual call to get the feedback firsthand.*

  • Personal Game Report. ($125)
    Goalies receive one personal game report including a written report and video breakdown of the game’s goalie clips.
  • Package I Personal Game Report 4-Pack. ($110 per report)
    Goalies receive four personal game reports including written reports and video breakdowns of the game’s goalie clips.
  • Package II Personal Game Report 8-Pack ($95 per report)
    Goalies receive eight personal game reports including written reports and video breakdown of the game’s goalie clips.
  • Package III Personal Game Report 8-Pack with Specific Coach ($195 per report)
    The SIG Private Game Analysis Program matches goalies with one specific SIG coach which provides video analysis of 8 games.
  • Package IV Personal Game Report 8-Pack with Specific Coach + Call ($295 per report)

Goalies will share their video clips or Stop It Goaltending U will cut the goalie clips for an additional $30 per game.


After you select a membership with Stop It Goaltending U, the next step will allow you to select a community. Right on the app you will be able to connect with your peers and share your journey.

  • U-12 / 2011 – 2002
  • College / Pro
  • Goalie Parents / Goalie Coaches
  • SIG Alumni


Stop It Goaltending U has a world class facility for goalies with access to our Woburn, MA location. The campus Pass includes a premium plus membership and all the benefits of the Stop It Goaltending U facility and much more.

  • SIG U Campus Monthly Membership ($99 Monthly)
    • Premium Plus Membership
    • G-Lab Training
    • VR Training
    • Total Tech Video Assessment
    • SIG U Assessment
    • Summer Pass
    • Saturday Power/Puckhandling Skates
    • Coffee with the Coach


  • SIG U Summer Campus Pass ($595)
    Access or all SIG U facility resources and services including the Campus Pass which includes Ufit strength and conditioning as well as yoga.
  • SIG U Summer Program for One Week ($95)
    Full access to Stop It Goaltending U physical resources for one week.
  • SIG U In Person Video Game Evaluation ($150)
    Sit down in person and go through your saves and goals against in person with a SIG coach on the campus of Stop It Goaltending U.
  • SIG Total Tech Video ($175)
    Record a video of nine core drills on campus at Stop It Goaltending U and receive a complete assessment.
  • SIG U Premium Assessment ($395)
    The Stop It Goaltending U Premium Assessment includes a Total Tech Video, Off-ice strength, and conditioning as well as a cognitive assessment.


How To Be A Goalie Parent was authored by Brian Daccord, the President and Founder of Stop It Goaltending in order to help goalie parents navigate their way through the journey of parenting a goaltender. The father of two goalies, Brian has served in the NHL as Goalie Coach of the Boston Bruins, Goaltending Scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Director of Goaltending for the Arizona Coyotes. He is currently the goalie coach of the Boston University Terriers Men’s Hockey Team and his first book “Hockey Goaltending” sold over 40,000 copies around the world. How to be a Goalie Parent can be purchased online at and

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Brian over several years now, and have benefited greatly from his unique perspective as both a goalie coach and goalie parent. His knowledge and thoughtful outlook of the position make this book required reading for everyone in the goaltending community.”

Bob Essensa – Boston Bruins Goalie Coach, Former NHL Goalie, Stanley Cup Champion, Goalie Parent

“How To Be A Goalie Parent’ is an extremely valuable resource to gain an understanding of the challenges a goalie will face. Brian is spot on with the insights and knowledge that he shares throughout the book. A must read for parents at every level of the game.”

COREY SCHWAB – Arizona Coyotes Goalie Coach, Former NHL Goalie, Stanley Cup Champion, Goalie Parent

“The insight Brian provides in this book is unparalleled. I’ve had the privilege of watching Brian work with goalies of all ages for years. Not only has he provided top-notch training, but his guidance is worth gold. My hope is that every goalie parent picks up this book and gains a better understanding of how to be a positive influence on their child’s goaltending career.”

ERIN HAMLEN – Merrimack College Head Coach, Former USA National Team Goaltender,Two time ECAC Champion, Goalie Parent


How To Be A Goalie Parent on Amazon

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For the past 25 years Brian Daccord has been a leader in goaltending development and an NHL Goaltending Coach, Scout and Director. How to be a Goalie is a guide for all goaltenders looking to understand the true meaning of being a goalie. This is not an instruction manual describing the techniques or strategies of how to stop a puck but rather the keys to being successful between the pipes through mindset, habits and controlling what you can control. If you have ever wondered what the real meaning of being a goalie is, you will find the answers in this book as well as read inspiring messages from former NHL and Olympic goaltenders.


I have been fortunate enough to get to work with Brian Daccord over the past 22 years, first as a goaltender and then as a coach, and I am constantly amazed at his energy, passion and commitment to helping goalies of all ages. His constant pushing of the envelope to find the newest and most innovative ways to teach goaltenders is unmatched. I think goalies of all ages and levels will truly enjoy his perspective on goaltending development. We play and teach the greatest position in sport and this is yet another contribution from one of the great teachers in our game.

Steve Briere: Seattle Kraken Goaltending Coach


Not only was Brian Daccord my goalie coach in Mannheim (DEL) but we also served on the same coaching staff and I now consider him one of my mentors. As the Goaltending Development Coach for the Vegas Golden Knights, I am always learning and getting his advice to this day. How to be a Goalie is going to be a great resource for young goaltenders looking for ways to improve their game. One regret I have is not having the chance to work with Brian earlier in my career but through this book you have the opportunity to learn from a great coach and an even better person.   

Fred Brathwaite: Vegas Golden Knight Goaltending Development Coach, Former NHL Goalie




Brian Daccord is a former goaltending coach of the Boston Bruins and served as the Goaltending Scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Director of Goaltending for the Arizona Coyotes in the National Hockey League. He is the founder and President of Stop It Goaltending as well as the goalie coach for the Boston University Terriers Men’s Hockey Program. With a focus on leadership and innovation, Brian Daccord is the developer of the SIG Game Day goaltending evaluation app and is currently the Director of Goaltending Development for Sense Arena. A proud husband and parent of two goalies, he holds a Masters Degree in Sport Science and has authored three previous goaltending books.

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