How To Be A Goalie Parent was authored by Brian Daccord, the President and Founder of Stop It Goaltending in order to help goalie parents navigate their way through the journey of parenting a goaltender. The father of two goalies, Brian has served in the NHL as Goalie Coach of the Boston Bruins, Goaltending Scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Director of Goaltending for the Arizona Coyotes. He is currently the goalie coach of the Boston University Terriers Men’s Hockey Team and his first book “Hockey Goaltending” sold over 40,000 copies around the world. How to be a Goalie Parent can be purchased online at and

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Brian over several years now, and have benefited greatly from his unique perspective as both a goalie coach and goalie parent. His knowledge and thoughtful outlook of the position make this book required reading for everyone in the goaltending community.”

Bob Essensa – Boston Bruins Goalie Coach, Former NHL Goalie, Stanley Cup Champion, Goalie Parent

“How To Be A Goalie Parent’ is an extremely valuable resource to gain an understanding of the challenges a goalie will face. Brian is spot on with the insights and knowledge that he shares throughout the book. A must read for parents at every level of the game.”

COREY SCHWAB – Arizona Coyotes Goalie Coach, Former NHL Goalie, Stanley Cup Champion, Goalie Parent

“The insight Brian provides in this book is unparalleled. I’ve had the privilege of watching Brian work with goalies of all ages for years. Not only has he provided top-notch training, but his guidance is worth gold. My hope is that every goalie parent picks up this book and gains a better understanding of how to be a positive influence on their child’s goaltending career.”

ERIN HAMLEN – Merrimack College Head Coach, Former USA National Team Goaltender,Two time ECAC Champion, Goalie Parent


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SIG Game Day was developed in order to objectively evaluate a goaltenders performance free of bias and in real time. It allows goalies, coaches and goalie parents to look past the traditional statistics of goals against average (GAA) and save percentage (Sv%) and focus on save probability and actual outcomes to better gauge performance. The structure of SIG Game Day is intuitive and easy to use and will offer users a much better representation of how a goalie actually played and do it instantaneously. SIG Game Day will dramatically change how goaltenders are evaluated and put all goalies on an even playing field.

Key Features:

  • Calculates goal expectancy vs actual goals against.

  • Tracks rebound control through retention.

  • Assesses glove performance.

  • Records playmaking outcomes.

  • Keeps traditional stats such as save percentage and goals against.

  • Allows for note taking in real time.

  • Stats page offers a live summary of the game at any time.

  • Creates a written summary of the game based on statistical input.

  • Emails user a game report after submission.

  • Saves historical data of each game.



  • Users subscribe to SIG Game Day on a monthly basis.

  • The two subscription levels are “Basic” and “Premium”.

  • The “Basic” subscription allows users to input 1 goalie per game ($4.99 Monthly).

  • The “Premium” subscription allows users to input 2 goalies per game ($7.99 Monthly).


How to Use:

Schedule a SIG Game Day demo on Zoom with Brian Daccord 

Be a part of revolutionizing the way goalies are evaluated and enjoy using SIG Game Day!


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