The SIG Game Day App is now Available!

SIG Game Day was developed in order to objectively evaluate a goaltenders performance free of bias and in real time. It allows goalies, coaches and goalie parents to look past the traditional statistics of goals against average (GAA) and save percentage (Sv%) and focus on save probability and actual outcomes to better gauge performance. The structure of SIG Game Day is intuitive and easy to use and will offer users a much better representation of how a goalie actually played and do it instantaneously. SIG Game Day will dramatically change how goaltenders are evaluated and put all goalies on an even playing field.

Key Features:

  • Calculates goal expectancy vs actual goals against.

  • Tracks rebound control through retention.

  • Assesses glove performance.

  • Records playmaking outcomes.

  • Keeps traditional stats such as save percentage and goals against.

  • Allows for note taking in real time.

  • Stats page offers a live summary of the game at any time.

  • Creates a written summary of the game based on statistical input.

  • Emails user a game report after submission.

  • Saves historical data of each game.



  • Users subscribe to SIG Game Day on a monthly basis.

  • The two subscription levels are “Basic” and “Premium”.

  • The “Basic” subscription allows users to input 1 goalie per game ($4.99 Monthly).

  • The “Premium” subscription allows users to input 2 goalies per game ($7.99 Monthly).


How to Use:


Schedule a SIG Game Day demo on Zoom with Brian Daccord 

Be a part of revolutionizing the way goalies are evaluated and enjoy using SIG Game Day!