2020 Summer Programs – Open for Registration!

Dear Goalies and Parents,

The Stop It Goaltending team is excited to announce that our 2020 Summer Programs are now officially OPEN for registration! You can find our complete listing and schedules of our summer programs by going to our “Summer” page. If you have any questions about what your location is offering, please contact your location Director directly. Please join us this summer and GET BETTER with Stop It Goaltending!

Amy Zappen, Woburn – amy@stopitgoaltending.com
Cam Doomany, MC/Middleton – cam@stopitgoaltending.com
Clay Adams, Foxboro – clay@stopitgoaltending.com
Brian Robinson, Marlboro – brianr@stopitgoaltending.com
Jeff Walker, Springfield – jeff@stopitgoaltending.com
Colin Stevens, Braintree – colin@stopitgoaltending.com