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Summer FAQ’s

Q: How do I register for a summer program?

A: You can either register online or by telephone.

  1. You may register online by clicking the “Register Here” button on our home page. You will be directed to sign in or create an account. Once you have signed in you may view our summer programs by selection “Sign Ups and Payments”. Here you may select the program of your choice and proceed to make purchase.
  2. You may also register by placing your mouse over “Summer” on the top dashboard. Select Summer Programs and you will see a list of programs. Click on the program and you will be forwarded to another page that will include a list of locations and dates. Select a location and date of your choice. At that point you will need to sign in or create an account in order to register. Once you have signed in you may view our summer programs by selection “Sign Ups and Payments”. Here you may select the program of your choice and proceed to make purchase.
  3. You may register over the phone by calling the Stop It Goaltending office at 781-376-9000.

Q: I have created an account but I did not receive a confirmation email. What can I do?

A: After creating an account the system automatically sends you a confirmation email. Depending on your computer’s security settings this email may end up in your spam or junk box. Please check these two places. If you still cannot find the email please call the SIG office at 781-376-9000.

Q: How do I know which summer program is the right fit?

A: Stop It Goaltending offers 8 week programs consisting of two on-ice training sessions per week, full day training weeks with two ice on-ice sessions daily and half day programs which includes one ice session per day. We also offer boarding camps and specialty clinics. After deciding which program fits your interests please read the program description page to find out more details. Each description has a level and age at the top. Make sure you or your goalie fits this group. If you have any further questions please call us at 781-376-9001 with any questions and we would be happy to help with the selection process.

Q: Do I have to pay for the summer program in full when I register?

A: When registering you will have the option to pay in full or make a deposit. Your balance in due 30 days prior to the start of the program.

Q: What happens if I register for a Stop It Goaltending summer program and have to cancel?

A: Please review the Stop It Goaltending cancellation policy located at the bottom of each page.

Q: Are all programs open to boys and girls?

A: All of the AAA and Total Skills Training weeks are open to both boys and girls. We have GCG Prospects Weeks specific for boys and girls as well as PGD and DNHL eight week programs.

Q: What is the instructor to coach ratio in summer programs?

A: Our ratio of staff to goalie is always a sense of pride for us. We provide a staff of directors, instructors and all of our shooters are paid staff members. There is always at least one staff member for every two goalies.

Q: Do the PGD and DNHL programs include off-ice training?

A: The PGD and DNHL do not offer off-ice training components. We highly recommend goalies to participate in either the Ufit summer training program or EPS. Both Ufit and EPS have extensive programs specifically for goalies.

Q: Does Stop It Goaltending provide private lessons in the summer.

A: Yes, SIG offers our eight week small group private lesson format in the summer.

Q: Does Stop It Goaltending provide vision training?

A: We do not provide vision training directly but we work closely with Eye on Performance, a leader in improving speed and reaction time in goaltenders. Eye on Performance is located at the PAD in Woburn MA and can be reached at 781-231-1100.

Q: Does Stop It Goaltending provide yoga instruction?

A: Kim Johnson has been training Stop It Goalies for the past seven years and works with top SIG goalies throughout the year. Kim holds yoga classes throughout the summer at The PAD in Woburn, MA.

Q: At the GCG Prospects Weeks held at the New England Sports Center does SIG provide housing?

A: Both the GCG Women’s and Pre-Prep Prospects Weeks are full day programs. We have a host hotel for both programs and goalies can reserve a room at a discounted cost by requesting the Stop It Goaltending rate. Lunch is provided by SIG.

Q: Does Stop It Goaltending provide transportation for the GCG Prospects Event from the hotel to the rink?

A: We do not provide transportation to and from hotel and rink.

Q: Can I leave my equipment at the rink when participating in a Stop It Goaltending program?

A: Goalies will have a locker room where they can leave their equipment overnight at the GCG Prospects Event and the Complete Goaltending Weeks.

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