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SIG In-Season Junior Mentorship Program

In this in-season mentorship program junior goalies with the goal of playing college hockey have the opportunity to train at the PAD in Woburn and earn income during the season. As each junior team has it’s unique schedule, this program is entirely flexible and can be shaped to fit any schedule. A major deficiency of playing junior hockey is the large amount of downtime the players have. This program offers junior goalies the chance to train and earn income at the same time all while maximizing their time and junior hockey experience.

On-Ice Training: On ice training can be at either 3:00 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays or 9:15 AM on Tuesday and Thursdays. The cost is $64 per lesson and can be purchased in 8 week segments at either one or two workouts per week. The cost per participant is therefore $512 for eight weeks or $1,024 for two on-ice workouts per week.

Off-Ice Training: Participants of the SIG In-Season Mentorship Program are welcome to register for the PAD Pass which includes Vision Training, Yoga and off-ice strength and conditioning each week. The cost is $320 per eight week session. If these times conflict with your practice schedule then we can make a custom schedule for you at different times. 

Mondays: 4:30 PM: Vision Training at Eye on Performance
Tuesdays: 4:00 PM: Strength and Conditioning at Ufit
Wednesdays: 4:30 PM: Yoga at The Athletes Yoga
Thursdays: 4:00 PM: Strength and Conditioning at Ufit

Work: Participants of the SIG In-Season Mentorship Program have the option of working during the season where they can earn income to pay for their training and more. 

Position 1: Analytics – Junior goalies will analyze NHL game video by charting shots and goals and will be paid $35 per game. Each game takes approximately 90 minutes to chart. Goalies can chose do do either 4 games per week ($140) or 8 games per week ($280). Over eight week segments goalies can earn $1,120 or $2,240 respectively.

Position 2: Shooter – Junior goalies will work as shooters for Stop It Goaltending lessons in the evenings. Shifts are 3 hours in length and the pay is $11 per hour. Participants of the SIG In-Season Mentorship Program can elect to shoot for six hours per week ($66) or 12 hours per week ($132). Over eight week segments goalies can earn $528 or $1,056 respectively.

Registration: For goalies to register for this program they must first contact Brian Daccord directly at 781-376-9001 or brian@stopitgoaltending.com. This program starts the first week of September and goes until the completion of the hockey season.






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