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Private Lesson FAQ’s

Q: At Stop It Goaltending Private Lessons, how many goalies are on the ice?

A: Stop It Goaltending lessons are small groups of no more than 4 goalies. One on one private lessons are available on demand by calling our Director of Private Lessons at (714) 944-8651. 95% of SIG clientele participate in the small group format.

Q: How do I select a program?

A: To select a private lesson go to our “Private Lessons Scheduling” page. Sort by location and then “Package”, “Walk On” or Specialty clinic.

  1. Packages consist of one lesson per week for eight week session. Goalies select a day and time which remains consistent for eight weeks.
  2. Walk On goalies must be booked in advance and consist of one lesson.
  3. Specialty clinics are programs that we run over vacation days and holidays.

Q: What happens if you pick a day and time for an eight week session but need to change?

A: As long as we have an open slot at another available day and time we will simply make the change. If there are no other slots available we can move that goalie to the next session or refund the registration.

Q: What happens if I have to miss a lesson?

A: “We DO NOT offer make-up lessons.”

Q: What is the cost of the lessons?

A: The cost of the eight-week session for goalies is $512 ($64 per lesson). Private one on one lessons costs $125 per lesson.


Q: Does Stop It Goaltending train youth hockey organizations?

A: SIG provides 40 youth hockey organizations goalies skills at our development centers. Youth Hockey Directors should reach out for a proposal.

Q: Who are the coaches for the private lessons?

A: Each location has full and part time directors. All of our Directors are either college or professional goalie coaches who are trained in the Stop It Goaltending curriculum and teaching methods.

Q: How many staff member are there per lesson?

A: A lesson of four goalies consists of one Director and two staff shooters. If a lesson has one or two goalies there may be one director and one shooter.

Q: What is he Stop It Goaltending Curriculum?

A: Our curriculum consist of eight lesson plans.

  1. Steering
  2. Smothers
  3. Glove
  4. Blocker
  5. Crease Management
  6. Post Integration
  7. Behind the Net Coverage
  8. Desperation

The Stop It Curriculum is dynamic and we are always improving our systems and strategies. Each year the curriculum is analyzed and enhanced with progressive techniques. This is what keeps Stop It Goaltending on the cutting edge of goaltending development.

Q: What is the “Block Training” system?

A: Our method of teaching is what we call “Block Training” which based on directed practice and repetition. Each block consists of 8 skills concentrations that, if repeatedly practiced, produces remarkable results. The key is to follow the progression of drills and to continue to refine those skills in the drills. The more “Blocks” you do the better you get, it’s that simple! 

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