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ConsultingThe purpose of SIG Consulting Services is to provide goalies and their parents advice on development, opportunities and decisions as well as access to SIG resources. With the complexities of navigating the continually changing world of hockey and development SIG is a valuable asset in providing information, perspective and guidance.

All of our consultants are Stop It Goaltending Directors and understand what a goalie needs in terms of goaltender specific training, game experience, focus, exposure, decision making, and off-ice advice.

Stop It Goaltending Consulting provides 1-on 1 Individual Consultations in the form of one hour phone conferences ($75), one hour in-person conferences ($125) and live Game Evaluations.  In order to book a consultation service please contact Brian Daccord at brian@stopitgoaltending.com or by calling (781) 376-9001.  Brian will work with you to arrange either an in-person or phone meeting or live game evaluation.

The Goalie PATH mentorship program is proud to offer talented and aspiring goaltenders the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring throughout their playing career. One saying that can best sum up the PATH program, it’s mentor’s and participants is… “any program is only as effective as the intensity of its application”.

We have designed The Path program to give dedicated goaltenders all the resources they need to pursue their goals and we look forward to you one day joining our long list of goaltenders that have gone on to play college and professional hockey. We are proud to offer the PATH program as a premium service that adds significant value to a goaltender’s development.

The Goalie Path mentors are Brian Daccord and Brian Robinson. For more information on this program and The Goalie PATH mentors, please contact Brian Daccord at brian@stopitgoaltending.com or (781) 376-9001.

The Goalie Path provides clients comprehensive on and off-ice development through one on one meetings, video analysis, placement assistance and a network of available resources.  Path program clients will receive personal mentorship from the same people that are responsible for their skill development and serve as advisers for not only motivated goalies but for supportive parents assisting their navigating through all level of competitive hockey.Our Mission:

“To provide aspiring, talented and dedicated goaltenders with comprehensive personal mentorship from professional goalie coaches.”

Here is a brief outline of the PATH mentorship program:

  • Assist in establishing goals and creating a plan to support you as an athlete, student, and individual to accomplish your established goals.
  • Provide weekly activity and game logs to track your development.
  • Establish online recruiting profile for your bio, videos, and pictures to be used as a reference tool.
  • Schedule in-person or online meetings to provide feedback on the player’s athletic, academic and professional progress.
  • Allow for direct access to mentor for hockey and student-athlete decisions.

For questions on how to register for the PATH program, please contact Brian Daccord by email at brian@stopitgoaltending.com,  or by phone at (781) 376-9001.


The PATH Mentorship Program is a comprehensive program designed for talented and dedicated goaltenders with the goal of playing college and pro hockey. The decisions goalies are faced with as prospects are many and this program is designed to organize a comprehensive plan of development to assist both the athlete and their parents as they navigate through opportunities.

This selective program is reserved for dedicated goaltenders and consists of one-on-one conferences, technical video analysis, game video analyses, game and weekly activity logs, goalie profile maintenance, and access to SIG’s mentors and network of resources. The PATH Mentorship Program assists in both hockey and academic choices. It assists in the recruiting process and helps the PATH goalies in making the right decisions with respect to Prep School/Junior/College and Professional opportunities. If a goaltender and there family is interested in a family adviser to assist during a placement year this service is provided as well.  

The PATH Mentorship Program was instituted in 2011 and has been a tremendous resource for high school, prep and junior goalies. The goal of the PATH program is to develop the next generation of college and professional goaltenders through a comprehensive plan with consistent mentorship. The annual cost of the PATH Mentorship Program is $495 for 3 one on one conferences per season and mentor access.  Our PATH video analysis package consists of 3 game videos and one “Total Tech” analysis for $495 and our placement service for potential High School, Prep and College goalies is $1,875 per placement year. Please contact Brian Daccord by email at brian@stopitgoaltending.com,  or by phone at (781) 376-9001 with any questions.

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