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Complete Goaltender Weeks

Type: Full Day Training Weekelite-college
Level: 04,03,02,01,00,99,98
Locations: Merrimack College

The Stop It Goaltending Complete Goaltender Training Weeks are specifically designed for motivated goaltenders and held at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. This is a very personalized week that only accepts four goalies and focuses on each individual goalies systems and strategies. The end goal is to leave the program with a detailed plan (SIG Personal Playbook) for all situations which will contribute to a goalies confidence and success between the pipes.

The program runs Monday through Thursday and features 12 hours of on-ice and 12 hours of off-ice development. On-ice training consists of a combination of skating drills, techniques and strategies and puck handling. Extensive video is used during this week. The off-ice training is a combination of speed, quickness and agility training, strength and conditioning exercises and classroom sessions and theory.

Lunch is provided each day and the Complete Goaltender Week does not include boarding at Merrimack College. If you are from outside the area we suggest the Holiday Inn Express located down the road from Merrimack College. Goalies in need of a room should call (978) 975-4050 and ask for the Stop It Goaltending/Merrimack College Rate. Rooms are limited so you are advised to call early. If you are interested in, or if you have any questions about our Complete Goaltender Training Week please contact the Stop It Goaltending office at (781) 376-9001.

SIG 16 Most Frequent Situations:
Stop It Goaltending has identified the 16 most frequent situations a goaltender will face in a game and developed a program which allows goalies to develop a playbook on how to prepare and handle these attacks. The Complete Goaltender week focuses in on not telling the goaltender what to do but thoroughly explaining what options they have and the strengths and weakness with each decision. It is then up to the goaltender to decide what works for them and to develop their own system based on their strategic approach.

Example of Situation:

Situation: A left hand shot walks out from “Behind Left” to “Dead Angle Left” under pressure but with a clear shot as well as a passing option to “Slot Left” and “High Left”.

Response: How do you play this?

A)  Stay up with your skate in a heel lock and hinge to the strong side?

B) Drift off your post and prepare to use an  “Overlap”?

C) Implement a “VH” (Load)  blocking position?

D) Implement a “RVH” (Lean) blocking position?

E) Alternative?


Complete listing Complete Goaltender Training Weeks

Complete listing Complete Goaltender Training Weeks

2018 Complete Goaltender Week 1(04-98)Merrimack College6/18/18-6/21/18$895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 2(04-98)Merrimack College6/25/18-6/28/18 $895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 4(04-98)Merrimack College7/9/18-7/12/18$895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 6(04-98)Merrimack College7/23/18-7/26/18$895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 7(04-98)Merrimack College7/30/18-8/2/18$895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 8(04-98)Merrimack College8/6/18-8/9/18$895
2018 Complete Goaltender Week 9(04-98) Merrimack College8/13/18-8/16/18$895

Daily Schedule:

Start Time Finish Time Monday to Thursday:
8:30 AM 9:20 AM AM Powerskating/ Puckhandling
9:50 AM 11:50AM Off-Ice Training
12:00 PM 12:45 PM Lunch
12:45 PM 1:30 PM Theory/Video
1:50 PM 3:50 PM On-Ice Training

Here's a look into the Complete Goaltender Training weeks at Merrimack College this Summer.

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