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AAA High School Training Weeks

Type: Day Program1-on-1-2
Level: High School/Prep/Midget
Years: 04/03/02/01/00

The Stop It Goaltending AAA Training Weeks are specifically designed for High School/Prep/Midget goaltenders. This program runs Monday through Thursday and features 8 hours of on-ice development, 2.5 hours of video/theory and 6 hours of off-ice training.

On-ice training consists of a combination of skating drills, techniques and strategies, puck handling and competition. The off-ice workouts are a combination of speed, quickness and agility training as well as video classroom sessions and theory.

Stop it Goaltending AAA weeks are held in our development centers and are run Mondays through Thursdays.. If you are interested in, or if you have any questions about AAA Training Weeks, please contact the Stop It Goaltending office at (781) 376-9000.

Complete listing of AAA High School Training Weeks

Complete listing of AAA High School Training Weeks

AAA HS WeekWOB7/9/18-7/12/1812:30p5:30p$495
AAA HS WeekFSC6/25/18-6/28/1812:30p5:30p$495
AAA HS WeekNESC7/9/18-7/12/1812:30p5:30p$495
AAA HS Week ISTS6/25/18-6/28/1810:00a3:00p$495
AAA HS WeekHTC6/25/18-6/28/1812:30p5:30p$495

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